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Since 1987 Home Essentials Spain has been specializing in renting out residential furniture, electrical appliances and all you need to set up your home. We cover all Spain, but especially where we have warehouses, at our locations in Madrid.


When is renting furniture a good option?


If you are moving to Spain and you need to rent a furnished property, whether for a few months or for years. There is limited availability of well furnished properties in Spain, but, renting the furniture through Home Essentials Spain, any property can be a fully furnished property.


If you are coming to live in Spain, and are bringing your own furniture, we can rent all you need, for the time you need, until your own furniture arrives. This is much cheaper and much more comfortable than staying in a hotel.


We prepare show homes for developers, owners and investors, with everything in rental. This is a practical way to have a show home for the time you need, with a much reduced cost. Similarly, we offer home staging services, to assist in the sale or rental of properties.


If you are a landlord, and you want to be able to rent your property furnished, we can furnish it at no cost to you, through our Landlord Special. We rent all that might be needed for TV and film production, for special events, or just for a private one-off need. No minimum or maximum order, and you decide the time you need it.


Our commitment at Home Essentials Spain is to offer unbeatable service and high quality product, at a price that works for you. Contact us so we can work together to furnish a solution.

Renting Furniture Company in Madrid Spain

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